Grading System

I recently was asked how I grade my albums, so here is a quick synopses of my grading system

(A+) One of the top albums in the history of the genre
(A) A classic album with few if any flaws.
(A-) Great album that just misses being among the top of its genre.

(B+) An album that is a great listen, but just not “A” material.
(B) While being above average, nothing really sticks out about it.
(B-) A few glaring issues are present, but the good outweighs the bad.

(C+) An album with issues that drag it down throughout the disc.
(C) Average, nothing more, nothing less
(C-) A below average album that just passes the cut.

(D+) So many issues that the album is hard to listen to.
(D) At this point, the album is just not worth the money.
(D-) Getting an album at this point for free is paying too much.

(F) A musical abomination of epic proportions…the worst of the worst.


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