2 comments on “Menn Ársins – Menn Ársins

  1. Thank you for this excellent review Carl!

    In Kjartan’s defense I must say that he’s an excellent drummer and percussionist. I enjoy playing with him. He also regularly plays with the Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra and we know they do have a high standard 😉

    I’d also like to point out that there are 2 lead singers on the album. Keyboard player Haraldur also sings most of the English tracks while Sváfnir sings all the Icelandic ones (Sváfnir also sings “Love to Turn You On” and “What Good is a Love Song”). Haraldur also plays some guitar and does the string arrangements for instance.

    Since you mention Flea… then I must admit that he was one of my early influences on the bass… so there’s some Flea influence in there somewhere, for sure 🙂
    I’ve been more influenced by players like Jaco Pastorius though (check out the fretless bass playing on “Last Chance to Say Goodbye as an example).

    If people want to listen to the record and/or download it, then it’s available at
    http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/album/menn-rsins-2 There you can “pay what you like, even nothing” for a high quality digital download.

    Free streaming and downloads are also available at

    and http://soundcloud.com/mennarsins (you can also listen to our latest single there (not on the album): http://soundcloud.com/mennarsins/gefst-ekki-upp )

    Thanks again I’ve subscribed to your blog and I’ll keep an close eye on your future posts 🙂


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